There are so many tutorials on complex, heavy and expensive editors to be found on the internet.
Even though I use a couple of them myself, I would like to give some tips on how to create fairly good videos with much less expensive editors – like for example Movavi – not always using the effects that ships with the editor. Or, combining built in effects with something you create yourself.

Keyframes are the beginning and end of changing parameters, the timing of animation of movement,
light, color, audio and special effects. The “big” editors give you rich possibilities in keyframing, also to install plugins of different kinds. But the learning curve is quite steep.
In Movavi you will find it’s possible to add keyframes to movement and add audio points for volume, but with a little work(-around) we can expand the possibilities.

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Video editors ships with all kinds of effects.
The more you pay for an editor it’s likely you will get more effects and also be able to keyframe effects and color environment. That way it’s possible to personalize expressions in your videos.

However, a less expensive editor can give you possibilities to create your own effects by exploring “workarounds”. In this video I am using saturation, brightness and gamma to create an effect, not any effect the editor ships with. Movavi editor does include many effects but sometimes it’s nice to be able to put one’s own touch to a video.

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Zooming can be a great tool, but sometimes a jump cut may be the thing to use.
I put together a couple of examples here. Just some ideas.