Welcome to my site

I have been making videos for many years, let’s say on an advanced level.
It started as a hobby – and still is – but I have also done some professional work.
Being a teacher for some decades, I found in later years my video skills could be put to use in flipped classroom projects.
I have tried out several screen capture programs, both the free ones and the expensive ones.
I have settled for Movavi Screen Capture Studio as a very reasonable priced, stable, easy to learn program for teachers and lecturers.
Screen Capture Studio got me interested in Movavi Editor Plus. Maybe a suited program for those who wish to learn editing?

Yes, it is!

Large video programs often provide a very steep and long learning curve.
These programs are not in that category.
I think you may be surprised!


I chose to make the Movavi tutorials in Norwegian.
The official Movavi site exists in Norwegian, but video tutorials do not.
Still, I hope the tutorials can be of some use to you who have a very different language.

My site is in the process of being rebuilt. As time goes by it will be updated with new material; videos, photos and tutorials.

Other than Movavi programs, I mostly use Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and Edius.